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Essential Services & Utility Comanies

Below is a complete list of all local utility companies that are used in our rentals.

If you are just moving in, PLEASE wait until they day your lease begins to call and start service. The utilities are all on still while the house is vacant, so there is no risk in not having them on when you arrive. We would like a signed lease before utilities are in your name.

Every tenant is responsible for their own electricity. Most renters are responsible for obtaining their own trash services as well. Your lease with have information on what other utilities are required for your residence.

Here is a list of some optional services you can choose to have. Please contact us for permission before you have new cable lines or a satellite receiver installed on your rental.

Always keep in mind that for any and all services you set up in your name you will be responsible for canceling at the end of your tenancy. You will also need to remove all satellite dishes that you have installed from the house upon move out.

Also, Visit our Community Resources Page for more about the local area!

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