Kitsap Property Management, Inc.

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We believe that if you are familiar with our obligations, responsibilities, and policies, most misunderstandings will be avoided and, consequently, a better relationship will be established between us.

During the term of your lease you will be required to take normal care and perform normal maintenance on the property and its equipment.

Maintenance responsibilities that you are required to take care of at your expense includes but is not limited to the following:

Replace furnace filters on a regular basis.

Keep drains (including disposals) free of grease, hair & lint.

Do not flush feminine sanitary products.

Replace batteries in smoke detectors.

Replace interior and exterior light bulbs.

Vacuum condenser coils on refrigerators.

Clean dishwasher filter screen.

Undo water hoses to prevent the pipe from freezing in winter.

Wrap exposed water pipes in winter; cover hose bibs with insulation.

Water the lawn and shrubs regularly.

Mow lawn regularly.

Weed and feed lawn.

Prevent weeds in flowerbeds.

Remove Communication Dish upon vacating.

Tenants shall irrigate and maintain any surrounding grounds, including lawns and shrubbery, and keep the same clear of rubbish or weeds, if such grounds are a part of the premises and are exclusively for the use of the tenant.

You are required to: Mow grass once a week or as often as necessary to keep it looking neat and tidy, to provide your own lawn mower and other yard tools, weed flower beds regularly and weed eat edges if necessary to maintain a neat appearance, and water the lawn and shrubs regularly at your own expense, to keep the lawn green and the shrubs healthy.

We expect you to keep the property neat at all times. If the lawn becomes dry or is not mowed, the flower beds become weedy; you will be given a 10 day notice to remedy the situation. If you fail to comply, we reserve the right to hire the work done at your expense.

If you do not wish to take care of the yard yourself, we are in contact with professionals who will arrange with you to maintain the yard and mow on a regular schedule. You can pay for this service with your rent every month.  If Kitsap Property Management finds that tenants are not taking care of the yard as defined above, we will send a professional out to manage the yard at the tenants expense.

All pets shall be legally licensed under local government requirements.

Any cleaning, fumigation, or damage repairs required on the building or grounds of the premises (due to pet) will be the full responsibility of the tenant. The tenant agrees to pay full cost involved in restoring or replacing any damaged areas to original condition.

The tenant agrees to keep pet(s) under control at all times. Should any pet(s) become a nuisance due to noise, barking, or damage to building or grounds, the tenant agrees to immediately remove the pet from the premises upon the owner’s request.

The rent being charged is the fair market value for the size, age, location, and condition of the property.  As such, we will maintain essential services of water, heat, etc., to meet your basic needs.  In signing the Lease/Rental agreement, you are accepting the property as is.  You can request improvements or alterations; however, we are under no obligation to comply.

The material on this site is meant for informational purposes only. No warranties or representations have been made.