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Move Out Procedures

As a reminder, all move out notices must be submitted 20 days before the end of the rental period, that being 20 days before the last day of the last full month you will be in the rental. If you are planning on moving before the last day of the month, in order to have your last month’s rent pro-rated you must submit your notice 20 days before the last day of the month prior. For example, if you are moving out on the 15th of May your notice needs to be submitted by April 10th if you don’t want to pay for the full month of May. If your notice arrives after the 10th of April and before the 11th of May you will be charged for the full month of May, even if you move out before the 31st. All pro-rations must be made and approved by Kitsap Property Management to avoid errors.

Below is our list of guidelines for your move-out.  This list will be mailed with confirmation of your move-out once your notice is received.

Moving Guidelines and Instructions

Even the best landlord tenant relationships can become strained over a security deposit refund. Below are the basic requirements we have so that there are no surprises when you move out. This and more information, including lists of cleaning companies, can be found on our website.

YOUR LAST DAY: All of the keys including mailbox keys must be turned in to our office by the last day of your tenancy. You will be charged for any additional days that you continue to hold the keys. You will not be allowed to make any repairs or do any cleaning after the keys are turned in. Leave any garage door remotes, gas fireplace keys, and appliance manuals in a kitchen drawer. Bring in your carpet cleaning receipt along with your keys into our office. Don’t forget to provide your forwarding address and best phone numbers to us so we can forward your security deposit disposition.

CARPETS: Carpets must be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration prior to check-out. If you would like recommendations on approved companies, please feel free to call our office. If you have pets, you need to have them do a “pet treatment” on the carpets as well. You need to show proof of carpet cleaning via a copy of your receipt when you turn in your keys on your last day.

PETS: If you have cats or dogs please be aware that if we find fleas in the home, we will have to bill appropriately for a pest control company to get rid of them. Fleas aren’t noticed as much when pets are in the home

WATER/SEWER BILL: Most likely this bill is still in the owner’s name. Do not call to cancel this bill; we will call to confirm any outstanding balances after you have moved out and will change billing address if applicable. Please do not make any payment to them after you have moved as it will conflict with the amount we will bill for. If there is a balance owing when we process the deposit refund, we will pay the bill and deduct it from your deposit. If you are a rare tenant who has the bill in your own name (not those of you who have West Sound) you can call and cancel service in your name. If you are unsure about this, please call and ask us.

ALL BILLS BESIDES THE WATER: should be under your name- so if you forget to cancel your account, that is your responsibility. Call the utility companies to let them know when your last day is, and let them know your forwarding address; they will stop billing on that date and forward you your last bill.

INSPECTION SHEET: If you don’t have your copy of the move-in inspection sheet, call the office for a copy. This is what we will use to determine your refund.

If something was dirty or damaged when you moved in, it should have been noted on the initial condition report. We want to be as fair as possible and would ideally love to return your deposit in full, but keep in mind that we are obligated to charge for damages that occurred during your tenancy. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office and talk to us before you move.

We are happy to provide names and numbers of carpet cleaners, house cleaners, handy men and/or any other vendor that we have found to be reliable. The list is also available on our website. We will not guarantee them and it is up to you to determine the quality of their work. Please call and make arrangements with us if for some reason you are unable to have work done before you move out.


CLEANING: Here are some things that often get overlooked. This list does not include everything. Use common sense and your inspection sheet as a guide.


  • Rental must be completely free of trash, personal items, and of all dust including in closets, on baseboards, in drawers & cabinets.
  • Kitchen and bathroom drawers should be vacuumed out and then wiped clean: if there are crumbs or hair in the corners of any of the drawers, we will need to charge you to have someone go in and clean them again.
  • All window covers (blinds/drapes) must be cleaned and dust free.
  • Kitchen: Appliances (range, refrigerator, dishwasher) must be thoroughly cleaned inside, outside, and on top of.
  • Pull out the fridge and clean under and behind it. Make sure it is free of debris and the floor is clean.
  • Clean dryer lint trap of all lint.
  • Wipe down walls and cupboards of splatters, fingerprints, and marks from furniture.
  • Fireplace hearths, mantles, and glass doors must be cleaned and dust free.
  • Patios, balconies, porches and storage closets must be swept and free of debris and trash.
  • Make sure all corners and ceilings are cobweb free.
  • All sinks, kitchen and bathrooms, should be cleaned of any stains/dirt.
  • Ceiling fan blades and all light fixtures should be cleaned and dust/bug free.
  • All doors & door frames should be cleaned and free of any fingerprints.
  • All floors must be clean as well as mopped. (carpets professionally cleaned as stated)
  • All windows cleaned on interior side: their sills and tracks free of dirt and debris.
  • Make sure garage is swept clean and cleaned of any oil stains.



  • All burnt out light bulbs need to be replaced.
  • Do no leave any of your old unwanted items in the house, if you don’t want it- throw it away. You will be charged for the removal of any items left in the home.
  • Leave thermostat in rental set at 60 degrees if moving out in fall/winter.
  • Lawn, garden, hedges must be trimmed/mowed, weeded.
  • If you have oil or propane, leave them full or to the level it was upon move in.
  • Remove all nails and screws left in walls from items you’ve hung.
  • Do NOT fill in nail/screw holes with spackle as it will leave white spots all over the walls. Do not touch up paint- odds are the color will not match perfectly and will make things worse. This will force us to paint the full wall even if it was not necessary and we will have to charge you for painting. We will not charge for a reasonable amount of nail holes as this is “normal wear and tear”, but if there are an excessive amount of holes (beyond what was noted on the move in worksheet) we will have to hire someone to fill them and will charge you. If you have questions or concerns with this, please call us first! We would much rather discuss it with you than have you assume.
  • Change furnace filter(s) and smoke detector/CO batteries.
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