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Current Tenant & Owner Payment Page

For tech support, canceling a payment, ect, contact PayLease 24/7 at 866-729-5327 opt 1

*Please note that you cannot use a savings account to pay under the bank account option.

**If this is your first time back after being accepted as a tenant, you will need to re-register as a new user. Please select the correct house and you should be recognized as a tenant.

***We only allow 1 user account per rental unit so if you have roommates, please come up with a single user id you can all share. At that point you can add multiple payment methods within your account.

When making a payment, please select the correct payment type. Rent is “Lease Payment”. For utility bills and other miscellaneous charges, please use “Amount Owed”. Unless you are the owner of a rental, do not enter any amount under “Owner Payment”.

It may show on the screen a suggested outstanding balance, but recent payments may or may not have been taken into account. The system is not automatic so please rely on what you know is your amount owed and if there is doubt, please give us a call.

Payments made with an e-check take about 1 business day for processing, credit cards take about 3 business days unless the same day processing option is selected. Please keep this in mind when setting up auto-pay, as we would like all rent payments to be finalized by the 6th of the month to be on time. RENT IS DUE ON THE 1st, the grace period is until the 6th… PLEASE INITIATE your payment before the 5th.

For tech support, contact PayLease 24/7 at 866-729-5327 opt 1

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