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Maintenance Requests

Kitsap Property Management believes a well maintained home is the best way to maximize income. We provide prompt response to all maintenance requests.


Fill out our online request form by clicking here or on the tab to the right of the screen.

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How else can a request for routine maintenance be submitted?

All maintenance requests must be made in writing. Other than the form on this page, you have several  options to submit your request:

• Directly emailing us at
• Mailing it to P.O. Box 589 | Port Orchard, WA 98366
• Bringing it in to our office
• By filling out a request form at our office

Please provide with your request a detailed description of the problem, any and all attempts you have made to resolve the issue yourself (if applicable), and specifically where the issue is located.

How are emergencies handled?

If the emergency is life threatening, dial 911.
If other emergencies occur, call our 24 hour emergency number 360-731-2035.

What is classified as an emergency?

Anything that endangers life or poses severe damage risk to the property if not corrected immediately qualifies for emergency service. Items outside of these items will not be handled as emergencies.

Are tenants allowed to call vendors themselves and then ask to be reimbursed?

No. All work must be authorized through the KPM office before the repair occurs. Tenants are not allowed to authorize any maintenance work for the rental without permission and will not be compensated if KPM was not informed before the work occurs. However, with permission, tenants may be able to do small repairs themselves and be reimbursed for supplies. Rule of thumb: always ask first.

What maintenance is a resident responsible for?

The tenant is required to keep the property in neat and clean condition and to perform minor repairs, such as replacing light bulbs and other items not requiring a skilled craftsman. For a more detailed list, please visit our Renters Responsibilities page.

What if the resident wants to paint or perform any maintenance work themselves?

Any and all work to be done by a tenant must be submitted in writing and have written consent by Kitsap Property Management prior to the work being done. This includes work relating to painting, carpeting, landscaping, wallpaper, fixtures and any structural work.

What is the turnaround time for maintenance request?

There are many factors that go into each request and we cannot set a firm schedule. However, we typically contact the workman the same day we receive the request. Our goal is typically no more than 3 business days completion. When given permission-to-enter from a tenant, we can generally get the maintenance request completed within 24-hours.

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