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For Owners

If you are the owner of a residential investment home or multifamily property and are looking for management services – look no further! With our almost 30 years of practical business experience in managing residential rental properties, you can put your mind at ease when you place your investment property in the hands of our solid and time tested company.
We provide a full range of services including but not limited to:

Tenant Screening: We run thorough credit checks on each and every occupant, and check job and rental references to ensure obtaining the most responsible of renters. We believe that finding financially responsible tenants is the best way to ensure keeping your biggest investment safe and well-kept.

Advertising: We attempt to maximize exposure by advertising on many different rental websites including the military housing site,, Zillow and 20 more and by placing a well visible for rent sign in front of the property. For a complete list of websites we advertise on, click here.

Rent Collection: All rents are due on the 1st of the month and considered late if received after the 6th. When rent is late, we handle all the work of making sure it is received as soon as possible along with applicable late fees, all to make sure you receive the rent on time!

Notices: As much as we do to ensure your tenants pay rent on time and take proper care of the rental, sometimes more drastic measures need to be taken. We handle all 3-Day Pay or Vacate notices, all compliance letters, etc all at no extra charge!

Property Inspections:
We do inspections 90 days after the lease is signed and once a year thereafter. The purpose of these inspections is to catch any maintenance items that need attention that a non-home owner might not know to pay attention to. A few examples of the things we look for are: leaks under sinks and appliances, lint collection in dryers, cleanliness of furnace filters, doors and windows not locking properly, structural issues, etc. We also look at the condition of paint, carpets, and cupboards to make sure you as an owner will have plenty of notice if these things will need to be replaced at the end of the tenancy.

We work with qualified, licensed and bonded, reasonably priced contractors and handymen who will get the job done right. All of the maintenance work is controlled and supervised. We also help avoid costly repairs through routine preventative maintenance inspections. All maintenance scheduling, calls, follow-up, and billing is handled in office so owners don’t have to worry about it. For any repairs over $300 we get permission from the owner first and even can obtain a few different bids to make sure that you get the best possible price and quality of work as possible.

Accounting: Our accounting is computerized. We send a monthly statement and copies of any repair or maintenance bills. At the end of the year we will send you a Year-End statement and tax forms to make your job easy.

Request a Management Proposal

We will provide you with a reasonable rental value estimate, can assess the property condition to recommend any needed repairs and upgrades, and help you set realistic goals for your property. Call today for a no-strings-attached consultation and find out for yourself why Kitsap Property Management, Inc. is the right choice for you.

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2 Responses to For Owners

  1. KPM says:

    Hello Daniel,

    I have forwarded this information to our designated broker, Brett Huff. He should be in touch with you.

  2. Daniel says:

    Good morning KPM,

    I was just informed that my current tenant will be moving out of my house on September 1st. I was interested in getting some information from you as to: average vacancy rates, price points, advertising, maintenance/repairs, fees and services offered. I am in the military on active duty and would like to keep my house there in port orchard. The address is: 281 Bay Crest Ct. I am available to talk via phone, between 1pm and 3pm, PST today. Thanks.


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