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Not the biggest… just the best!

About Us

Kitsap Property Management, Inc. was started in 1985 as recognition that real estate companies were often about putting their sales and listing clients ahead of the needs of their property management clients.  We wanted to focus our efforts on managing property – not listing or selling it.

In 25 years we have gained extensive experience.  We have learned the value of thorough screening of tenants.  We have worked to improve our property inspection process so that regular maintenance items don’t get overlooked.  We have been to small claims court enough to know about how to establish “clean”.  We have learned that having established policies and procedures in place means that you don’t have to negotiate everything with everybody!
Property management is an interesting and challenging business.  Every day we balance our responsibility to our owners with the tenant’s rights under the Washington Landlord Tenant Law – not always an easy process.   We constantly strive, not to be the biggest property management company – just the best.
Leslie Huff

2 Responses to About Us

  1. KPM says:

    Joanna, Please keep an eye on our website. We do not current have a rental that fits your needs, but may have one coming shortly.

  2. JoAnna Abendroth says:

    I am looking for a rental for a thousand dollars or less in kitsap county that is pet friendly. 1 plus bedrooms-no studios. I am looking to get away from apartment living because I have a small dog who sometimes barks when I am not home.

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